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Tutorials for Twitter Bots

Before you start making bots, consider reading these essays and articles. Also worth browsing: resources for cleaning up your bot's language.

Learn how to make bots for Twitter (What is Twitter?) below -- or look at some Twitter bots for inspiration.

XKCD: Twitter Bot

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Beginner tutorials





Tracery/Cheap Bots Done Quick

Tutorials for Tracery and Cheap Bots Done Quick, which uses it. For example bots, see the #tracery tag.

Tools and other resources
See also

SSBot (Google Spreadsheets)

Tutorials that use Zach Whalen's Google Spreadsheets-to-Twitterbot tool.

See also: Botmaking from the Ground Up



Intermediate tutorials

Raspberry Pi


Twitter API

See also @twitterapi for updates on the Twitter API and the Twitter Developer Platform Roadmap Trello board.

Unsorted and notes

Note on needing a phone number

One tricky part of making a bot for Twitter is that if you want your bot to be able to actually post on Twitter, rather than just read from it, you will need to add a phone number to your account.

There is a few ways to solve this:

  • see Molly White's tutorial that explains how to transfer your Twitter app to another account
  • you can remove the phone number from your account and associate it with a new one
  • you can sign up for Google Voice (Skype number won't work, because Skype doesn't let you receive text messages, which you will need to verify your phone number)
  • see also: Friendly Twitter Bots and Write Access

And once you have one account verified, you can also host all your bots under the same account.

Tools and Twitter-specific resources

See Resources for Twitter bots and open source code for Twitter bots.

Also be sure to read the Twitter Rules, the Twitter developer policy, the automation rules and best practices and learn about the API Rate Limits.

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