Tutorials for GNU Social bots

Before you start making bots, consider reading these essays and articles. Also worth browsing: resources for cleaning up your bot's language.

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GNU social (previously known as StatusNet and once known as Laconica) is a Free and open source software microblogging server written in PHP that implements the OStatus standard for interoperation between installations. While offering functionality similar to Twitter, GNU social seeks to provide the potential for open, inter-service and distributed communications between microblogging communities. Enterprises and individuals can install and control their own services and data.

-- Wikipedia

GNU social implementations include Mastodon and botsin.space, among others.

Mastodon ΒΆ

Mastodon is a GNU Social-compatible microblogging server.

botsin.space ΒΆ

botsin.space is specifically dedicated to running bots and is managed by @muffinista.

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