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Tracery tutorial

By the creator of Tracery.

Making twitter bots using Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

Introduction to Tracery and Cheap Bots, Done Quick! with links to more tutorials.

Your Own @Horse_ebooks

Create an "ebooks"-style Twitter bot with Ruby and Heroku.

Civ V Random Game Generator Twitterbot

Create a Twitter bot with Rails to randomly generate game rules for Civilization V and host it on Heroku.

Coding a simple Twitter bot

Tutorial from the creator of the @futuremash Markov chain bot.

How to Code a Simple Twitter Bot for Complete Beginners

Twitter bot tutorial with Python and Heroku.

Five Steps To Build Your Own Random Non-Sequitur Twitter Bot

Create and host your Twitter bot on Heroku.

Build A Bot Workshop

Video from a workshop at the PyDX 2015 Python conference.

How to create a Twitter bot

Second of a two-part series on Twitter bots, discusses how to create them.

What is a Twitter bot?

First of a two-part series on Twitter bots, covers what they are and some examples.

Smarter & Cuter Bots

Video tutorial using GraphicsMagick and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.

Make a Twitter bot that tweets random images

Learn how to make a Twitter bot that posts random images with node.js.

Twitter Bot Tutorial – Node.js and Processing

A six-part video tutorial with node.js and Processing.

Botwiki on Glitch

node.js starter projects for Twitter bots


Popular Twitter API library for node.js.

How to Make a Twitter Bot: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to make creative Twitter bots.


Monitors the status_withheld event on Twitter. In theory.

Starter projects on Glitch

Make friendly and creative internet bots with our starter projects!