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A framework for building interactive twitterbots which respond to mentions/DMs.


Ruby-based Twitter bot framework, using OAuth to authenticate.


Deep learning-based "Imposter Twitter Chatbot".


Python wrapper for the Twitter API.


"Twitter for Python!"

Emoji on Twitter

These emoji will work in your Twitter name and bio.

Tweet Metadata Timeline

The history and key concepts of Twitter metadata.

API support for 140 second video

Upload videos of up to 140 seconds in length.

Alt text support for Twitter Cards and the REST API

Blog post announcing support for ALT text for images in Twitter Cards.

Twitter’s missing manual

A list of hidden features and a few notes on etiquette.

Polyglot Twitter Bot

Six-part series on making Twitter bots with node.js, Python, Purescript and Amazon AWS.

How I Built a Twitter Bot Using Auth0 Webtasks and

Learn how to use Auth0 Webtasks to build a twitter bot that pulls data from and does sentiment analysis.

Tutorial on Creative Twitterbots

This tutorial considers what it means for a text to be creative and briefly surveys the emerging technology of Twitter bots.

How to Build a Law Bot

With Jupyter Notebooks.

How to Write a Twitter Bot in 5 Minutes

With Wolfram Alpha and Google Drive.

Build Your Own Topic Bot

Tutorial with IFTTT and Wikipedia.

Python + BeautifulSoup + Twitter + Raspberry Pi

Make a Twitter bot with Python, BeautifulSoup, and a Raspberry Pi.

How to build a nonsensical Twitterbot on the Raspberry Pi

This guide shows you how to set-up a Twitterbot in a similar vein to Horse_ebooks.

Raspberry Pi Twitterbot

Tutorial with a Raspberry Pi and Python.

Tiny Flashing Thumbs

How to bot your way to "fake news" success.


Glitch starter project for making generative Twitter bots using Tracery.

Make your own @hydratebot

A tutorial for non-coders.

An Introduction to Twitterbots with Tracery

How to create Twitter bot with the Tracery generative grammar and Cheap Bots Done Quick!