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Creative Bots: Project Template

Starter project for making creative online bots.


It's BOT LIFE magazine!

Twitterbots: the end or a new era?

Things are about to change.


RT if you like this bot.


Keeping track of the least used emoji on Twitter.


Make a shirt with a tweet!


Twitter account stats and bot checking.

How to create a Twitter app

First step in the journey of making your own Twitter bot.

Announcements of Slack API changes

#changelog via @SlackAPI


A bot that looks at itself.


Update a Twitter profile picture with a dynamically created image.

Importing a node.js bot from GitHub to Glitch

A quick guide on importing a GitHub project to Glitch.

I Will Dance The OAuth Dance For You

Tool to help obtain OAuth credentials for an account.


Twitter library that choreographs the online behavior of fictional characters.


Create segmentation-based image filter ("patchwork" effect).


Pick a random image and tweet it.


Create Markov chain/ebooks accounts on Twitter.


Collection of tools/mini-bots that do various language-related things.


Collection of libraries and conformance tests to standardize parsing of Tweet text (Java, Ruby, node.js, and Objective-C).

Literal Twitter Bot Kit

A kit that will help you connect a toy bird to your Twitter app using an Arduino.


Twitter bot library written in Elixir.


Go library for the Twitter API.


Template project for building a Twitter bot that can be run by AWS Lambda.


A collection of tools for twitter_ebooks and other Ruby-based bots.