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DDW Radar

Experimental visual impression of Dutch Design Week trending topics.


A bot to help block and track blocked users.


Latest "hashflags" and Twitter emoji.

The Unblocker

What blocklists?


This bot apologizes for not tweeting more often.

Most popular Twitter bots

Which Twitter bots have the most followers? And does it matter?


A reminder Twitter bot.


A collaborative site for making bots with a Tracery-like language with pre-loaded phrase lists.


A bot that reports fake followers so you don't have to.


Keep track of who you unfollowed.


It's BOT LIFE magazine!

Twitterbots: the end or a new era?

Things are about to change.


RT if you like this bot.


Tweets the least used emoji.


Make a shirt with a tweet!


Twitter account stats and bot checking.

How to create a Twitter app

First step in the journey of making your own Twitter bot.

Announcements of Slack API changes

#changelog via @SlackAPI


A bot that looks at itself.


Update a Twitter profile picture with a dynamically created image.

Importing a node.js bot from GitHub to Glitch

A quick guide on importing a GitHub project to Glitch.

I Will Dance The OAuth Dance For You

Tool to help obtain OAuth credentials for an account.


Twitter library that choreographs the online behavior of fictional characters.


Create segmentation-based image filter ("patchwork" effect).