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Quick word counts with Counter objects

How to count the number of times a word occurs in a text.

Understanding word vectors

A tutorial for the "Reading and Writing Electronic Text" class.

Working with CSV files

Quick intro to "comma-separated values" files.

NLP concepts with spaCy

Introduction to basic concepts and techniques from natural language processing.

Working with Tracery in Python

How to use Tracery in your Python programs.

How to create a Twitter app

First step in the journey of making your own Twitter bot.

How I Ruined Office Productivity With a Face-Replacing Slack Bot

Face detection and simple image manipulation with a Slack app.

Serverless Slackbots Powered by AWS

Create custom Slack commands using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway.

How to build your own custom Slack app (for non-coders)

Make something that saves you time every day.

Build a Slack Bot that Mimics Your Colleagues

Fun with Markov chains and Slack's Real Time Messaging API.

Slack Bot With a Django Backend

Building a bot for Slack using Python and Django.

How to Build Your First Slack Bot with Python

Learn how to build a simple Slack bot in Python, no prior bot experience needed.

Magic Rock Tutorials

Learn to make a Slack bot with Botkit and a magic rock.

How to write a Slackbot in 40 lines of code

Tutorial with node.js and the Genius API.

Botkit is better with Slack’s Events API

Create a Slack app using Botkit and Glitch.

Importing a Python Slack bot from GitHub to Glitch

A quick guide on importing an open source Python project to Glitch.

Importing a node.js bot from GitHub to Glitch

A quick guide on importing a GitHub project to Glitch.

Hosting bots on Glitch

Learn how to host bots on Glitch.

Polyglot Twitter Bot

Six-part series on making Twitter bots with node.js, Python, Purescript and Amazon AWS.