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Intro to Generative Art

Introduction to generative art.

Introduction to Mastodon bots

A beginner's guide to making bots that run on Mastodon.

How to use to run your bots hosted on Glitch

Using to periodically wake up your Glitch-hosted bots.

How to Make a Mastodon Bot: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to make creative Mastodon bots with Botwiki.

How to set up a Mastodon bot on

Step-by-step guide on creating a bot app on

Voice Technology is an Opportunity to Make Weird Stuff

A new spin on the classic 20-questions game.


Video introduction by the author.

Troubleshooting cron jobs for bot makers

How to troubleshoot your cron jobs for UNIX beginners and bot makers.

The Westernization of Emoji

How fortune cookies explain the westernization of emoji.

What is Gender and Why Does it Matter to Emoji?

From the original emoji set, only one symbol could be construed as encapsulating any aspect of gender: the ubiquitous 🚻 restroom symbol.

The whimsical world of emoji swearing

Is it possible to swear in emoji?

That Emoji Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

Emoji you send on an iPhone might not be the emoji that is received on a Nexus.

Text Mining Course

Learn to mine patterns from a collection of text with Python.

How to query Wikipedia like a database

Learn how to use DBPedia to get data from Wikipedia.

Markov Models Write Fairy Tales

Build things like Twitter bots with Markov Chains.

N-Grams and Markov Chains

Learn about the Markov Chain technique with node.js.

Best Practices for Procedural Narrative Generation

Research and tools that can be used to create procedural narrative experiences.

Finding Rhymes with Python

Learn about finding rhymes with code.

Building An AI Artist Using Neural Networks

Generate artistic images with Python and NumPy.

Generative Machine Learning on the Cloud

Generative art and synthetic image generation with TensorFlow and Google Cloud.

Little Planet Procedural

Generating art with code.

So you want to build a generator…

Essay for people getting started with building generators and for practiced experts who want a way to organize their knowledge.

Generating things with code

Introduction to procedural content generation.

Practical Procedural Generation for Everyone

How to use simple data structures to control complex generators.