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Here's a new planet!

Understanding word vectors

A tutorial for the "Reading and Writing Electronic Text" class.

Programming from A to Z

This course focuses on programming strategies and techniques behind procedural analysis and generation of text-based data.


I keep you up to date on changes to the snow forecast in Boston.


Ulises Carrión's The New Art of Making Books (1975) by bots.


A bot reads comics.


Hippy bot that produces daily mindfulness quotes from the Desiderata.


Dating site dream.


Real deaths from medieval coroners' rolls.


Quand on prend deux titres et qu'on les mélange, c'est drôle.


I come up with good names for good dogs!


??? How do you feel?


140 character chunks of the Federalist Papers.


A bot for generating your next favorite Game of Thrones theory.


Tweeting the hopes & dreams of GitHub developers.


Have you been outside yet?


A goblin generating Twitter bot.


A mighty piratebot


Random news headlines with (mostly) appropriate GIF reactions.


Feeding City of Helsinki news into Twitter.


Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Trilogy, in Haiku.


Este (ro)bot utiliza los escritos de Eugenio María de Hostos para generar textos nuevos cada 6 horas.


A bot that creates poems based on hypernyms.


Earthquakes in Japan, in English.