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Alien phenomenology and metaphorism.

Wizard Roll Call

Some of the many wizards from the history of a fantastic world.


Fickle astrology, daily!


Random people living random lifes in a random town. A literary (and almost poetic) bot.


Poems based on "Lying in a Hammock at William Duffyโ€™s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota" by James Wright.


A bot that generates fake Dance Dance Revolution song names.

Doomscrolling Reminder Bot

Drink water, sit up straight, and stop doomscrolling.


I generate Expressionist images--sublime & ridiculous.

everyones rituals

Wake up in your Twitter feed.

astrology bot

Automatic horoscope generator.


Describe a color and this bot shows it to you.


Noun + crime + law = bad legal take.

A Brief History of Markov Chains

Notes on the early history of Markov chain text generation.

cryptic slogans


I Love You

Different ways I love you.

Weird Spy Satellites

Speculative surveillance.


Your new Soundpainting exercises.

You Are Alone In The Archive…

Endlessly poring over the Archive, and the span of human history it preserves.


Machine of loving grace.

Hero’s Journey Bot | @monomyth_maker

Pulp fantasy writing/game prompts.

Bots Of New York

Exploring New York City, one bot at a time.

Ten Hours Of…

Random YouTube video titles, but longer videos.


Sea shanties written by a bot.

Plot Bot

Coming up with new movie plots.