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Cada palabra del diccionario español.


Tweeting every single word in the italian vocabulary.


Je tweet tout les mots dans la langue Française.


A random Finnish word of the day


Gach focal i nGaeilge.


Nederlandstalige kloon van @everyword


Coffee reminder bot.


A bot to tweet every Finnish word.


Tweeting (nearly) every Finnish first name.


A ajudar todos os amiguinhos a arranjar um telhado amigável.


A bot that improves litterature classics with video game patch notes


Tuiteo cada palabra del idioma español.


German Wikipedia trends.


toki ale pi toki pona.


Finnish words invented by machine learning.


Wörter, die so oder ähnlich wahrscheinlich vor kurzem in der BILD-Zeitung standen.


Each book contains four hundred ten pages; each page, forty lines; each line, approximately eighty black letters.


Une définition, plusieurs propositions, à vous de deviner de quel mot il s'agit !