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Randomly-generated striped wallpapers.

Block Castles

Generative castles.

Dead-Ball Era Bot

Baseball cards from more than 100 years ago.


Live updates from the birdhouse.

Lyrical Garfield

Song requests welcome 🎢

Pokeno Trains

Capturing trains passing through Pokeno.

Everyday Llama

A llama for you, and you, and you!

AREG HF SSTV Images (PF95)

7.171 MHz LSB / 14.230 USB MHz


New D64s for your C64s.

Automating your Mastodon profile with

Examples of how you can update your bot's (or your own) Mastodon profile automatically.

Biz Bot

Now hiring!

Best Pizza in Town

Best pizza slices in the world.

Pixel Cities

Living in a pixel world πŸŒƒ

Oblique Strategies

Cobbled together, poked, messed up, put back together again


Old machines from the Smithsonian.


Fractal trees, and stuff.

Flavorful feelings

Flavors for your feelings in stunning color combinations.


A bot that posts early Minecraft screenshots.


The sewage doesn't lie!

farben | colours

Alle vier stunden eine farbe.

Science and tech museum images

For science! And technology!

WttrIn Reutlingen

Hier ist das heutige Wetter von Reutlingen. 🌀️


Random and custom blurhashes.

Book dedications bot

This one’s for you.