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Tiny Kepler is a tiny space observatory to discover other stars and their orbiting planets.


Variations on a knotty theme.


Tiny skylines.


Traffic cameras of NYC and London.


Ever wanted your own tree?


Daily total of what tax payers are paying for Donald Trump's personal life.


A bot for posting webcam (or any other) images to a Twitter feed at regular intervals.


An atlas of unknown lands.


Fictional countries data at a glance!


Presenting awards to Tweeters that go above and beyond.




Word cloud from tweets.


Because all selfies are beautiful.


A quilt bot.


Birds, on wires.


Broadcasting live from covert surveillance cameras, one midnight observation at a time.


Pictures -> emojis.


Bits of Pluto.


Colorful grids, once a day!


Deep space on your timeline, once in a while.


ẦϒȺĞ β“œ αΉŽβ„£β±΄β±‘β…β„‚


Random output of the scribble machine.


Pictures taken by @NOAA buoys in the middle of the ocean.


Movies of neon words can be summoned via hashtag.