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Anonymous edits on Wikipedia by Austrian government agencies.

Congressional Research Service

Links to Congressional Research Service reports.


Wikipedia edits door de Nederlandse overheid.

Congress Changes

Tracking congressional social media accounts.


Requests for proposals, for NASA.

Bundestag First Said

Bot, der neue WΓΆrter aus Debatten postet.


Tracking registrations of .gov domains.

Rejected Petitions

Petitions, rejected.


Highlight niche procurements in the US legislative branch.


Information about the federal and California governments.


Providing information about United States Senate's votes.

Feds Overhead

Tracking US federal law enforcement aircrafts.


Tweeting open data about a "Trump appointee of the day".


Public comments for the proposal NPS-2018-0007-0001.


Military equipment exports report for Germany.

Citizenship Database

Fictional people's personal details. Gender binary shattered.


Breakdown of the last 100 bills introduced in the US government.


"It's basically a social network for welfare."


Daily link and information on the gender pay gap in an Australian industry.


Historical legal decisions from Victoria's highest court.