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Crystal thingy bot.


Daily space invaders!


Tweets a SET board, once per day.


The Binary Generator invents unnecessary binaries to fit things into.


Dinosaur finder bot.


If I could have any sandwich.


A patriot bot.


A simple emoji bot that generates different patterns of falling leaves with an autumn theme


Tweet at me to get your own unique peaceful forest. Stay calm.


Useless junk from the future.


A generative picture bot!


D&D character description bot.


Computer-generated art, updated four times a day.


Word as color.


Parodies of I โค NY for cities around the world.




An infinity of deserts, each more infinite than the last.


Licensing options for the modern world.


Markov chain text Lovecraft


Generates random L-systems.


Only the best scholarly reference from all the multiverses.


Save the seas.


Something weird is going on in the woods.


Procedurally generated vector graphics of robots.