All posts tagged #generative

Daily Music Prompt Bot

Kickstart your musical ideas.

Tiny Maze Bot

I make tiny mazes.


A tribute to an award-winning puzzle game.

Pirate flags


A Fruit Machine

I spin you right round, baby!

Future of Color

Adding randomness to color palettes.

Pinouts 4 U

Electronic schematics.

[emoji spell]

A witchy bot.

Improbable Maps

Charting new places.

Mayfair line

Regular line updates.

Cloudsdale Weather Factory

Equestria's finest weather manufacturer.

I Like My … Bot

Unsupervised joke generation from Big Data.

MKE Weather Limerick

I proffer forth the weather report.



Sonic OC Bot

New Sonic characters and stories!

Nora’s Sandwich Bot

Mmmmm sandwiches!

why cant I,

Why can't I hold all these things?


Tattoos for your knuckles.



Beautiful Emoji Deep Space

A bot in space.

Random comments on life, the universe, and anything.

lo-fi beats

Lo-fi genre beats to verb and verb to.


Making silly faces.

Detective Fin

Drugs from the future.