A botmaker/bot enthusiast survey
Hi, hello there! Just a few questions on botmaking, if that's cool with you!
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What makes you interested in bots? *
What kind of tools do you use to make bots? *
Are you interested in making bots that require "coding"? *
Why/why not?
Have you ever tried writing code? What was your experience? *
What language did you use? (Python, Ruby, JavaScript) Did you enjoy yourself? Are you interested in learning more?
What operating system do you use? *
Is there anything you'd like to add? Feel free to leave name and/or ways to follow up with you!
You can also reach out to me at twitter.com/fourtonfish or stefan@fourtonfish.com. Oh and hey, there is also botmakers.org!
Bonus question: Would you be interested in making bots for Slack.com?
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