Botmakers Commmunity Survey
Hey there!

This is Stefan, the creator of Botwiki and the Botmakers community :-)

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this survey!
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So, how's everything going?
Now, for the actual survey
The goal of Botwiki and Botmakers is to bring together creative folks from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other. This survey will help us ( ) understand better how the group's members use this group, and how we can improve everyone's experience.
In your own words, tell me about your experience as a member of Botmakers. Any suggestions, concerns, notes are very appreciated! *
Do you interact with other members via direct messages or in private channels? Do you prefer this to participating in the public channels? (If yes, why?)
How do you feel about the channels in the Botmakers group: Should there be less? Are we missing any?
As you should know, the members of Botmakers follow the official Code of Conduct ( ). Are you familiar with our rules? Do you think anything should be changed or added?
Are you member of any similar online groups? How would you compare them to Botmakers?
Optionally, you can leave your contact information (email, Twitter handle, Botmakers username, etc) so that we can follow up with you.
Thank you very much!
You can also reach out to me privately on Botmakers (@stefan), or via, or on Twitter (

Thank you, and have a great day!
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