“Submit to Botwiki” bookmarklets

A screenshot of the bot submission page with some of the fields filled out by a bookmarklet script.

With so many creative bots and useful botmaking resources out there, adding them all to Botwiki is no easy task. Our submission forms went through many changes over the years, making the process easier, and we’re working on additional tools to make things even less of a hassle.

And one such tool are our “Submit to Botwiki” bookmarklets. For those not familiar, a bookmarklet is a little script saved as a bookmark in your browser. You can click it as any other link, but instead of opening a page you saved, a script will run.

It’s a bit like a browser extension or plugin, but unlike those, it just sits there among your regular bookmarks, waiting to be called to action.

To use these bookmarklets, simply click and drag one or both of the links below to your bookmarks.

Next time you visit a page of a bot (currently Twitter and Mastodon are supported), or a tutorial or another resource you like, you can click the appropriate link to open the submission form and have the basic details prefilled.

Here’s how it works for submitting bots.


Notice that the name, link, and description have been copied over to get you a head start. And we show you if a bot was already submitted.

Any questions? Suggestions or feature requests? Get in touch!

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