Monthly Bot Challenge Rules

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  1. The current theme will be announced on the first day of each month via @botwikidotorg on Twitter and in the group.

  2. Everyone will have until the end of the month (Eastern Time) to submit one bot that follows the announced theme.

    Note: You can make the bot open source, but it’s not a condition for entering the challenge.

    Also: You can reuse existing code (your own or open source), but you must add something new for the hackathon.

  3. To enter the challenge, add your bot to via the form at and tag it with monthlybotchallenge. Be sure to also include an information about yourself being the author.

    Note that the bot will be submitted to Botwiki, so if you prefer, you can wait until the day before the voting starts.

  4. You are free to make updates to your bot until the voting starts, even after you submit your bot to Botwiki. Only bug fixes are allowed after the voting period starts.

  5. At the end of the month, we will share a page where people will be able to vote for their favorite bot. The voting will be open for
    e week
    and the winner will receive the Monthly Bot Challenge Winner badge and any prizes provided by our sponsors.

Not adhering to the rules above may disqualify you from the contest (depending on the severity and context, this can apply to the current month, or the Monthly Challenge altogether). Also, while interacting with other participants and members of, you must follow the Code of Conduct, which also applies to the behavior of your submitted bot.

Naturally, you must also follow the rules of the platform on which you choose to create your bot. (For example, don’t make Twitter bots that automatically reply to people — unless they follow your bot.)

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