Botwiki Edit-a-Thon

This is the first official Botwiki meetup/edit-a-thon! The space, food and drinks are generously being provided by Gyro.


6:30-6:40 Stefan Bohacek (@fourtonfish)
As the creator, I will share the story of Botwiki and related projects.
6:40-6:50 Justin Myers (@myersjustinc)
News automation editor at Associated Press, will talk about journalism-related bots used at Associated Press and other news organizations.
6:50-7:00 Leonard Richardson (@leonardr)
Author of, among other things, Beautiful Soup, a popular web scraping library for Python, and the RESTful Web APIs book, will describe a technique that saves him a lot of time during bot development.
7:00-7:10 Daniel Ilkovich (@danielilkovich)
Founder of Dexter, a tool that lets you quickly build and share integrations of various online services, will share the story and the future vision of Dexter.
7:10-8:00 Contributing to Botwiki

Note that the times are approximate. The idea is to give each speaker 5-10 minutes (15 minutes max) to talk about their topic. If the talks take a bit longer, the main portion of the edit-a-thon will be shortened — but you are free to continue contributing to Botwiki any time 🙂

You can RSVP to this event on Make sure to bring a laptop!

Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂