Botwiki Corpora API

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ΒΆ About the project

Botwiki Corpora API provides free access to the Corpora data, with more advanced features coming soon.

ΒΆ How to use

Currently, only the /corpora/data endpoint is accessible. You can browse the original Corpora repository to find the corpus you'd like to use, for example animals/birds_antarctica.json.

Copy the URL and replace


Your final URL should then look like this:

ΒΆ Notes and contact

The data is refreshed every hour, but feel free to reach out (or @botwikidotorg) if you need a more immediate update, or want to report any issues.

Any issues with the data (typos, other inaccuracies) should be reported to the original project.

And be sure to submit your bot :-)

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