Our projects

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A friendly community for bot creators and enthusiasts.

Bot! zine

An online newsletter for bot creators and enthusiasts, currently on hiatus.

Meetups and workshops

In-person and online meetups and workshops.

Starter projects on Glitch

Make friendly and creative internet bots with our starter projects!

Botmaker Badges

Digital badges for people who create bots and resources for botmakers.

Monthly Bot Challenge

Monthly Bot Challenge is a recurring community event dedicated to showcasing friendly, useful, artistic online bots. (Currently on hold.)

Botwiki Interviews

Stories and thoughts of people who use automation for work and fun.


Sidekick makes Slack groups easier to manage and more enjoyable to be in.

Botwiki Site API

Get the data from Botwiki via our open API.

Glitch-hosted fediverse bot

Bringing art bots back to the open web.

Botwiki Browser Extension

A browser extension that adds a link to a bot's Botwiki entry on relevant pages.

"Submit to Botwiki" bookmarklets

Making it easier to submit bots to Botwiki.