174 results found for Гороскоп по дате рождения. Знаки зодиака по датам рождения Гороскоп по дате рождения. «Дизайн Человека» «Дизайн Человека» Дизайн Человека Подписывайтесь - instagram - batmanapollo


A bot that improves litterature classics with video game patch notes


Tuiteo cada palabra del idioma español.


Tweets hourly reminders to look after yourself.


Procedurally generated plans to conquer the Earth!

Cheap Markovs, Traced Quick!

Use Markov chain generators in Tracery/Cheap Bots, Done Quick! bots.

Resources for Twitterbots

Tutorials, libraries, frameworks, and other resources for making friendly Twitter bots.


German Wikipedia trends.


Your daily future predictor.


toki ale pi toki pona.


Finnish words invented by machine learning.


Based off of real-life Numbers Station transmissions, this bot tweets out a coded message every half-hour. Composed of both noises, numbers in both English and Spanish, and morse code.


Wörter, die so oder ähnlich wahrscheinlich vor kurzem in der BILD-Zeitung standen.


Each book contains four hundred ten pages; each page, forty lines; each line, approximately eighty black letters.


Get off twitter and get back to work!


A simple Hubot script that gives you random quotes and trivia about space movies.


Tiny exhibitions from a tiny emoji gallery.


Snippets from 100-year-old newspaper front pages


One small step for random words from the dictionary, one giant leap for random words from the dictionary-kind.


A bot to raise awareness about data ownership.


I walked with a B-movie title generator.


Talking is hard.


Une définition, plusieurs propositions, à vous de deviner de quel mot il s'agit !


Play tic-tac-toe in Slack in channels and DMs.


A game bot for Slack, ping-pong, chess, and more.

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Poll: Sharing your bot's source code

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New Twitter list: bots that help you keep track of the day of the week

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