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PAC-MAN Poetry



Movie plot generator.


Wir schauen Onlinejournalisten auf die Finger!


Procedurally generated snowflakes.


Public declarations from Pphnarg, the Lord of the Dragons, to his subjects.


This bot makes 14x14 cross stitch designs.

Bot Bottigieg

Americans need not only a uninterestingness, but also an interestingness.

Every Sheriff Bot

Algorithmic sheriff memes.

Doskvol’s Finest

Rogues, ruffians, miscreants, ne’er-do-wells, and other unscrupulous sorts to populate your haunted city.

Coronavirus Dreams Bot

A viral dreamscape.


Random entries from tabletop RPG oracles.

Machine Wisdom

Get your daily dose of wisdom!

Night Sky

Images of the night sky.


I miss a lot of things since COVID-19 started.

Win Icon Chart

A retro-stitch bot.


A procedural ice cream parlor 🍦


Solving the n-body problem by doing all of it.

Problematic Trolley

Off the track, please!

Ominous positivity bot

Positivity, but ominous and vaguely unsettling.

Using Cheap Markovs, Traced Quick!

Make a Markov chain text generator, no coding required!


Landscapes with Moai statues.


Information from the US/Mexico border.


The novels of the future!


Randomly generates pilots, mecha, squads, and missions for BEAM SABER, the tabletop game designed by Austin Ramsay.

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Latest bots


Real personalized license plate applications.

Bit Art Bot
Bit Art Bot

generative art bot

Global Equilibrium
Global Equilibrium

International political tele-communication equilibrium system.

Bartleby le bot
Bartleby le bot

Bot négateur qui vous rappelle chaque jour que l'inaction est une option.


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Poll: Bots and public data

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Twitter officially released v2 of their API

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Twitter adds labeling for #GoodBots
Twitter adds labeling for #GoodBots

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