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Piracy Bot



Practice these cool chord progressions!


Bird's-eye views over Canberra.

Hero’s Journey Bot | @monomyth_maker

Pulp fantasy writing/game prompts.

Designing Little Bots With Big Character

Lessons from the best bots on Twitter.

Bay Bridge Watch

Views of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.

AboveTustin ADSB bot

Tracking planes flying over Tustin, California.

LFB Animal Incidents


Classic Boy 2 Bot

Finding bots in classic literature.

NYC 311 Discord Bot

Get notified when your NYC home gets a 311 call.


Tweets random satellite images of London

Feds Overhead

Tracking US federal law enforcement aircrafts.

Firefighters Overhead

Bot that tweets about firefighting aircraft.

Plot Bot

Coming up with new movie plots.

Ghost Generator

Lots of ghosts here!

Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Signs point to Yes.

Blank Break

Tweet left intentionally blank.

US-Mexico Border

Satellite images of the US-Mexico border, by @on3ness


Trying to get shots into arms.

Covid Vaccination Progress Bar

Progress of COVID-19 vaccinations.


US population with a COVID-19 vaccination

Perpetual March 2020

Stuck in March 2020.

Worst Day of COVID in the US?

Is today the worst day yet for COVID in the US?

COVID Vaccination Count

Tracking the number of people vaccinated against COVID in the US.

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Latest bots


Real personalized license plate applications.

Bit Art Bot
Bit Art Bot

generative art bot

Global Equilibrium
Global Equilibrium

International political tele-communication equilibrium system.

Bartleby le bot
Bartleby le bot

Bot négateur qui vous rappelle chaque jour que l'inaction est une option.


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Poll: Multi-network bots and followers
Poll: Multi-network bots and followers

Does Twitter get your bot the most followers?

Poll: Bots and public data
Poll: Bots and public data

Would you take $5,000 to shut down your bot?

Twitter officially released v2 of their API
Twitter officially released v2 of their API

Manage tweets and lists, tweet to Super Followers, and yes, you can post polls now!

Twitter adds labeling for #GoodBots
Twitter adds labeling for #GoodBots

Twitter is testing an opt-in labeling for Good Bots.

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