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A retro-stitch bot.


Solving the n-body problem by doing all of it.

Using Cheap Markovs, Traced Quick!

Make a Markov chain text generator, no coding required!


Information from the US/Mexico border.


The novels of the future!


Randomly generates pilots, mecha, squads, and missions for BEAM SABER, the tabletop game designed by Austin Ramsay.


Un bot que narra la historia de una familia en un pueblo cualquiera. De momento.

Perpetual Soapiness

Designing new soap bars.

Galaxy Brain Bot

Machine-generated memes.


Bot whomst dreams.


A seal-detecting bot.


Tracking anonymous Wikipedia edits by oil companies.

AI-generated Steam games

New video game descriptions.



If you can Ling Ling slowly…

You can Ling Ling quickly!

Hegelian Husband

Bots are presuppositional and the basis for all possible ontological thought.

enbies everywhere

enby enby enby enby ENBY


More fun than singing "Happy Birthday" twice.


Welke Nederlandse wikipediapagina werd er gisteren het vaakst bekeken?

BBC Micro Bot

Runs your tweet on an 8-bit computer emulator.

Multi-Scale Truchet Patterns

Patterns that can be made with a simple square tile divided diagonally.

Roll The Dice

Randomly rolls dice every so often.

Procedural AvatarBot

A procedural avatar generator, hand-drawn edition!


Una collana di libri immaginari.

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Poll: Sharing your bot's source code

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