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Cheap Markovs, Traced Quick!

Use Markov chain generators in Tracery/Cheap Bots, Done Quick! bots.

Mark’s MetaArtbot

Generate code that can be used with Cheap Bots, Done Quick.


Tea with personality.

Make your own @hydratebot

A tutorial for non-coders.

An Introduction to Twitterbots with Tracery

How to create Twitter bot with the Tracery generative grammar and Cheap Bots Done Quick!

Making twitter bots using Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

Introduction to Tracery and Cheap Bots, Done Quick! with links to more tutorials.

Smarter & Cuter Bots

Video tutorial using GraphicsMagick and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.

Resources for Twitterbots

Tutorials, libraries, frameworks, and other resources for making friendly Twitter bots.


The best clipart bot in the world.


@stinkpiecebot is like @thinkpiecebot... but with farts.


Tomorrow's news today. Yesterday's news tomorrow.


It's a lock!


German Wikipedia trends.


There's no "i" in team. There's also no "i" in thousands of other words.


Your daily future predictor.


A new piece of art from the future, every hour


I'm a bot generating fictional tropical paradises.


Tiny people waiting for the tiny bus at the tiny bus stop.


Tiny emoji gardens, a few times a day.


Tiny emoji cities, a few times a day.


Smol, cute ASCII & emoji bot.


Tiny emoji seas 🌊


Variations on a knotty theme.


toki ale pi toki pona.

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Latest bots


Real personalized license plate applications.

Bit Art Bot
Bit Art Bot

generative art bot

Global Equilibrium
Global Equilibrium

International political tele-communication equilibrium system.

Bartleby le bot
Bartleby le bot

Bot négateur qui vous rappelle chaque jour que l'inaction est une option.


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Poll: Multi-network bots and followers
Poll: Multi-network bots and followers

Does Twitter get your bot the most followers?

Poll: Bots and public data
Poll: Bots and public data

Would you take $5,000 to shut down your bot?

Twitter officially released v2 of their API
Twitter officially released v2 of their API

Manage tweets and lists, tweet to Super Followers, and yes, you can post polls now!

Twitter adds labeling for #GoodBots
Twitter adds labeling for #GoodBots

Twitter is testing an opt-in labeling for Good Bots.

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