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Poll: Technical background of creative botmakers

Making online bots: not a rocket science!

Posted 21 hours ago by Stefan

Trump bots: Where are they now?

No, not that kind of bots.

Posted 6 days ago by Stefan

Poll: Bot survival rate

It's 2021. Where are your bots now?

Posted 13 days ago by Stefan

Poll: Do you follow the bots you make?

Do botmakers follow their bots?

Posted 3 months ago by Stefan

Poll: What are your favorite bots to follow?

Results are in: people love to look at pictures!

Posted 3 months ago by Stefan

2015-2018: The Golden Age of botmaking

Reminiscing and looking ahead.

Posted 5 months ago by Stefan

New bots ΒΆ


US population with a COVID-19 vaccination



Perpetual March 2020

Stuck in March 2020.

Every lot Victoria

Every parcel in Victoria, British Columbia.

Worst Day of COVID in the US?

Is today the worst day yet for COVID in the US?

COVID Vaccination Count

Tracking the number of people vaccinated against COVID in the US.

New resources ΒΆ

Exploring generative spaces

A quickstart to generative art.

Getting started with creative coding: 10-minute tutorials

Getting started with creative coding in just a few minutes.

Loops & Early Cinema: a Brief History

From early film history to computational art

Bot Auther

A lightweight Twitter Authenticator server for quickly obtaining API keys, particularly useful for orchestrating multiple bots from a core developer account.

Curating your robot

A guide on the pitfalls and questions about botmaking.

Twitter and Procedural Generation

Twitter bots and creative limits with procedural generation.


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