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Botwiki blog ¶

Poll: Sharing your bot’s source code

Sharing is caring, and many botmakers do care.

Posted a month ago by Stefan

Poll: Do botmakers put their bots on their resume?

Can bots help you land a job?

Posted 2 months ago by Stefan

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Posted 3 months ago by Stefan

New Twitter list: bots that help you keep track of the day of the week

Featuring fan favorites @thursaconcept and @CraigWeekend.

Posted 3 months ago by Stefan

Botwiki Submission Guidelines

Making the bot submission process more transparent.

Posted 4 months ago by Stefan

Poll: Technical background of creative botmakers

Making online bots: not a rocket science!

Posted 5 months ago by Stefan

New bots ¶

Bay Bridge Watch

Views of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.


Fractal flames via a genetic algorithm.

Every Color Palette

A generative color palette bot.

AboveTustin ADSB bot

Tracking planes flying over Tustin, California.

Astronomy Status Bot

MOON: Still there


Updating the Advisory Circular Portland bot with aircraft information.

New resources ¶

Designing Little Bots With Big Character

Lessons from the best bots on Twitter.

Build and Deploy Twitter Bots with Python, Tweepy and PythonAnywhere

A beginner-friendly guide to making Twitter bots with Python.

Wizard Zines

A collection of technical tutorials in a comics form.


A starter project for making Tracery-powered Discord bots, with a short "getting started" tutorial and simple set up

Exploring generative spaces

A quickstart to generative art.

Getting started with creative coding: 10-minute tutorials

Getting started with creative coding in just a few minutes.