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2015-2018: The Golden Age of botmaking

Reminiscing and looking ahead.

Posted 6 days ago by Stefan

Poll: The language of botmaking

To make a bot, or to author it?

Posted 23 days ago by Stefan

Five years of Botwiki

Happy birthday, Botwiki!

Posted 2 months ago by Stefan

Glitch banning use of pinging services

An end of an era, yet again.

Posted 3 months ago by Stefan

Poll: The cost of botmaking

How much does it cost to host a creative bot?

Posted 8 months ago by Stefan

Bot tributes

Art, games, and other creative projects inspired by bots.

Posted 9 months ago by Stefan

New bots

Doskvol’s Finest

Rogues, ruffians, miscreants, ne’er-do-wells, and other unscrupulous sorts to populate your haunted city.


New railway stations added to railway-stations.org.

Advisory Circular Australia

Detecting aircraft flying circles over Australia.

View From Roots

Views from an orchard in Faversham, United Kingdom.


Emoji weather forecast for Switzerland.


Aircraft flying in circles around North Bay.

New resources

‘Real’ Programming Is an Elitist Myth

When people build a database to manage reading lists or feed their neighbors, that’s coding—and culture.

Code goes in, Art comes out

How do you create interesting artwork solely through programming?

Limitation Breeds Creativity

Working within constraints can help you get started and provide unconventional ways around a problem.

How to Hack a Painting

How to be both a hacker and a painter.

Text By Procedure

A short history of procedurally generated text.

Generative Art Speedrun

Exploring ins and outs of generative art and the joy of creating art with code.


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