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Botwiki blogΒΆ

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See what's new on Botwiki.

Posted a month ago by Stefan

Botwiki Browser Extension

See links to a bot's Botwiki entry when visiting its page on Twitter or botsin.space.

Posted 4 months ago by Stefan

Most popular Twitter bots

Which Twitter bots have the most followers? And does it matter?

Posted 4 months ago by Stefan

100 Botmaker Badges awarded

Awarding our 100th Botmaker Badge!

Posted 7 months ago by Stefan

Four years of Botwiki

Happy birthday, Botwiki!

Posted 7 months ago by Stefan

Botwiki milestone: 1,000 bots!


Posted a year ago by Stefan

New botsΒΆ

Roll The Dice

Randomly rolls dice every so often.

Procedural AvatarBot

A procedural avatar generator, hand-drawn edition!

Omg Geospheres

Procedural avatar generator.


Una collana di libri immaginari.

DDW Radar

Experimental visual impression of Dutch Design Week trending topics.

ResetEra BanBot

Warnings and bans from ResetEra.

New resourcesΒΆ

How to Build a Twitter Text-Generating AI Bot With GPT-2

Learn how to make a Twitter bot with a text-generating neural network model

Tracery Wiki

Tracery tutorials, advanced tips, and example bots.

Corpora as medium

On the work of curating a poetic textual dataset.

How To Make A Free Discord Bot On Glitch

Glitch guide to Discord bot making.

Glitch Discord Starter Kit

Discord bot with an interactive setup and coding guide.


Botmaking IDE for Tracery