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Twitter officially release v2 of their API

Manage tweets and lists, tweet to Super Followers, and yes, you can post polls now!

Twitter adds labeling for #GoodBots

Twitter is testing an opt-in labeling for Good Bots.

Poll: Sharing your bot’s source code

Sharing is caring, and many botmakers do care.

Poll: Do botmakers put their bots on their resume?

Can bots help you land a job?

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New Twitter list: bots that help you keep track of the day of the week

Featuring fan favorites @thursaconcept and @CraigWeekend.

New bots ยถ


A bot that generates fake Dance Dance Revolution song names.

Flags of Flags

Flags made of tiny little flags!


Tweeting Lord of the Rings, line by line.


The brain the size of a planet, and all I hear is bad ideas.


A real Uruguyan every hour.

Trending on Facebook

An independent check on top Facebook content.

New resources ยถ

Many bot accounts using 1 Twitter Developer account

Learn how to use a single Twitter developer account for all your bots.

Got Bots?

Series of tutorials using Microsoft tools.

A Brief History of Markov Chains

Notes on the early history of Markov chain text generation.

Twitter bots and accessibility

Make sure everyone can enjoy your bots.

Designing Little Bots With Big Character

Lessons from the best bots on Twitter.

Build and Deploy Twitter Bots with Python, Tweepy and PythonAnywhere

A beginner-friendly guide to making Twitter bots with Python.

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