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Glitch banning use of pinging services

An end of an era, yet again.

Posted 6 days ago by Stefan

Poll: The cost of botmaking

How much does it cost to host a creative bot?

Posted 5 months ago by Stefan

Bot tributes

Art, games, and other creative projects inspired by bots.

Posted 6 months ago by Stefan

New category: non-English bots

You can now browse non-English bots on Botwiki by language 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇪🇸🇫🇮

Posted 7 months ago by Stefan

Follow @newonbotwiki to see what’s new on Botwiki

See what's new on Botwiki.

Posted 7 months ago by Stefan

Behind @botwikidotorg’s profile image

How the @botwikidotorg profile image is made.

Posted 8 months ago by Stefan

New bots


A bot that tells mysteries.

Galaxy Brain Bot

Machine-generated memes.


Bot whomst dreams.


A seal-detecting bot.


Random items from itch.io's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

AC Birthdays Bot

Find out what Animal Crossing character birthday it is!

New resources

How to Build a Twitter Text-Generating AI Bot With GPT-2

Learn how to make a Twitter bot with a text-generating neural network model

Tracery Wiki

Tracery tutorials, advanced tips, and example bots.

Corpora as medium

On the work of curating a poetic textual dataset.

How To Make A Free Discord Bot On Glitch

Glitch guide to Discord bot making.

Glitch Discord Starter Kit

Discord bot with an interactive setup and coding guide.


Botmaking IDE for Tracery


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