Bots for Twitter


Tiny classrooms, for all your learnin'.

A Softer Space

An experimental webcomic and a bot inspired by A Softer World and deep space.


New E.E. Cummings poems.


Your favorite movies made better.


A bot that tweets snail facts!


Tweets out millennials are killing x industry.


Wes Anderson film generator.


On the road again.


The life of the party! 🎉


A bot that does tarot readings with emoji.


Send Emojimuseet an emoji and receive an object or photo from a Swedish museum.

Hello, world!

Hello from around the world.

new fruit pictures

Images of unknown fruits.

Furniture Bot

A bot that makes furniture.


A silly dress up bot that makes random girl friends.

Alternative Ninja Warriors

A bot trained on 10 seasons of America Ninja Warrior.


A bot that posts trivia questions as polls

Nuclear Trains

Trains that are carrying nuclear waste in the UK.


Know when deicing is happening at airports across the USA.


A bot that shows you how big space is.

Random Pattern Generator

A bot that generates random patterns.


Dice bot loves to play dice games, ask it for a roll!


This bot will @reply to you when the International Space Station is over the location you sent it.


Concentrated political tedium.