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Ideas for your next bestselling novel.


Your next favorite YA Fantasy book.

angry scribbles

Angry scribbles. Somewhat therapeutic?


Bogus daily affirmations.

Barista Bot

The silliest coffees this side of the electrosphere.

Spill Bot

Helping Australian politics by generating a new PM.


A bot that describes goats.


A bot that generates X-Files episode descriptions.


A bot that generates titles of Sherlock Holmes stories.


Vampire clans and the interactions between them.


Tales, old and new of dark folklore and legend passed down through 'procedural generations'.

The Whiny Genealogist

A bot that complains about the trials and tribulations of genealogical research.

Tiny Homes

Domesticity, but smaller.

Graphic Scores

Graphic scores for musicians, composers, and everyone else


A bot that complains.


A bot that generates a type-face every 30 minutes.

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

Open-source tool for making Twitter bots with Tracery.

Citizenship Database

Fictional people's personal details. Gender binary shattered.

Game Design Expert

Invaluable advice that all game developers need!

Rebotta Sugar

Catch up on the Steven Universe episodes you missed!

so. you bot detention

Captain America has a lot of PSAs to record.

ยกNo hay bot!

Club Silencio's magician tries out a different routine.


A small bot that generates daily story snippets about minor deities.


This bot hands you an Inconceivable Assignment - should you choose to accept it!

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