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Roast Beef Dunwich

We love crafting great food!

Not Your Bot

If your man generates memes on Twitter, it's a bot.


A bot that reminds people of things.


A bot that generates logic puzzles.


Automated art making for the 22nd century.

Codecademy: APIs

Learn how to use popular APIs to make your own applications.


"The game is played using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters."


We are adorable & adoptable Denver Pets!


Can you take a better photo for Wikipedia?


"Mention me with an image to get a description."


Exploration of cellular automata, lo-fi colour, and symmetry.


Cease and Desist Bot does not approve of your use of common words and phrases.


Tweets that fit the haiku structure.


Learning how to butt from wikiHow.


Collection of libraries and conformance tests to standardize parsing of Tweet text (Java, Ruby, node.js, and Objective-C).


A collection of tools for twitter_ebooks and other Ruby-based bots.


A framework for building interactive twitterbots which respond to mentions/DMs.


Ruby-based Twitter bot framework, using OAuth to authenticate.

Your Own @Horse_ebooks

Create an "ebooks"-style Twitter bot with Ruby and Heroku.

Civ V Random Game Generator Twitterbot

Create a Twitter bot with Rails to randomly generate game rules for Civilization V and host it on Heroku.


Your personal robot hypeman.


I'm all alone in the witching hours, loving you.


Find Wikipedia photo opportunities near you.


A Slack bot that opens the door for you.

Enjoying Botwiki?

Consider supporting the project!


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