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Generate Markov chains and post to an _ebooks account on Twitter using Heroku.


Deep learning-based "Imposter Twitter Chatbot".


Python wrapper for the Twitter API.


"Twitter for Python!"

Polyglot Twitter Bot

Six-part series on making Twitter bots with node.js, Python, Purescript and Amazon AWS.

How to Build a Law Bot

With Jupyter Notebooks.

Tutorial on Python Twitter Bots

Tutorial in Jupyter Notebooks.

Python + BeautifulSoup + Twitter + Raspberry Pi

Make a Twitter bot with Python, BeautifulSoup, and a Raspberry Pi.

How to build a nonsensical Twitterbot on the Raspberry Pi

This guide shows you how to set-up a Twitterbot in a similar vein to Horse_ebooks.

Raspberry Pi Twitterbot

Tutorial with a Raspberry Pi and Python.

Coding a simple Twitter bot

Tutorial from the creator of the @futuremash Markov chain bot.

How to Code a Simple Twitter Bot for Complete Beginners

Twitter bot tutorial with Python and Heroku.

Five Steps To Build Your Own Random Non-Sequitur Twitter Bot

Create and host your Twitter bot on Heroku.

How To Create a Twitterbot with Python 3 and the Tweepy Library

This tutorial will walk you through two Twitterbot programs, one that tweets from a file, and one that retweets, follows, and favorites.

Build A Bot Workshop

Video from a workshop at the PyDX 2015 Python conference.

How to create a Twitter bot

Second of a two-part series on Twitter bots, discusses how to create them.


I'm an algorithm, making ice cream every day!


Symmetric curves from complex Fourier series.


That's not my bot…!


Announcing Harper Lee's new novel


TMBG lyrics bot.


Tweet, and get procedurally generated art.


I make little word-find puzzles for you to solve.


Word cloud from tweets.