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Tweeting a mix of hip hop and classic literature.


Animated GIFs from the Himawari satellite.


Hacker News comments link bot.


A random recipe with random substitutions.


Random nuggets of wisdom from Project Gutenberg in so many words


Provoking ignorant immigration tweeters.


Cryptograms, three times a day!


A bot to tweet every Finnish word.


Linux Man Page a Day


Markov chain Gilmore Girls lines.


Adds masks and hats to faces.


There is a mass shooting on average every day in the United States. Here are the shootings on this day last year.


Welcome to 1869! Why not enjoy some Glaces variées at A Stockholm Restaurant?


Sourced from tweets of 'I love the word [X]' and 'I hate the word [X]'.


Automated deep drawings.


Sourced from tweets of 'X ain't a word', 'X isn't a word' and 'X is not a word'.


"Get yer hits out!"


Update a Twitter profile picture with a dynamically created image.


Your daily engagement with an ISO standard!


Tweets a random historical event for the current date.


A bot that tweets absurd startup pitch ideas.


Bot that generates new art from Creative Commons images available on Wikidata


Interesting findings from Chicago building permits.


A Twitter bot exploiting Twitter's PNG transparency quirks.