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Beer and malt beverage bottle labels.


Visualizations of random Doom levels.

Text Mining Course

Learn to mine patterns from a collection of text with Python.

Codecademy: APIs

Learn how to use popular APIs to make your own applications.

Finding Rhymes with Python

Learn about finding rhymes with code.

Building An AI Artist Using Neural Networks

Generate artistic images with Python and NumPy.

Generative Machine Learning on the Cloud

Generative art and synthetic image generation with TensorFlow and Google Cloud.

Understanding word vectors

A tutorial for the "Reading and Writing Electronic Text" class.

Working with CSV files

Quick intro to "comma-separated values" files.

NLP concepts with spaCy

Introduction to basic concepts and techniques from natural language processing.

Working with Tracery in Python

How to use Tracery in your Python programs.


Slack developer kit for Python.

Build a Slack Bot that Mimics Your Colleagues

Fun with Markov chains and Slack's Real Time Messaging API.

Slack Bot With a Django Backend

Building a bot for Slack using Python and Django.

How to Build Your First Slack Bot with Python

Learn how to build a simple Slack bot in Python, no prior bot experience needed.

Hello PyBot – Python Chat Bots for Slack

A 20 minute video tutorial.


I keep you up to date on changes to the snow forecast in Boston.


One grumpy Twitter bot.


Clipart from 1994


Tweets art from Ateneum Art Museum four times a day.


Feel the warmth of a cold nose.


Dating site dream.


Learn something wrong about German once every two hours.


I come up with good names for good dogs!