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Three emojis, every hour.


Always know the Discordian date.

Things that are spicy versions of other things.

Words written in "Unown".

Bot Cocktails

Computer-generated cocktail recipes.

RGB Colours

Do you like colors?


Random images from the current day in history.

User Count Bot

User count on, in charts.


Cybre all the words!


Promoting random users.


Who would win?


Images from Below the Surface.

Icebox Breakfast Bot

A William Carlos Williams-parodizing Mastodon bot.


More emoji, when you need them!


Tweets about trees in Melbourne, Australia.


Procedurally generating spaceships.


Wild emoji encounters.

Delicious Daily Recipes

Procedurally generated recipes.


Shares random poems authored by human poets. Multilingual.


Explore the archives of the Harvard Art Museums on Twitter.


Find your representatives in the US government.


Tweets the least used emoji.


Happy botday! 🤖🎂


Karma bot that listens to the community.