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Six-word stories from random Project Gutenberg sentences.


Collaborative coding and storytelling project.


An RFC a day.


Inspiring quotations, misattributed.


Images from astronauts curently in space and random space GIFs.

Importing a Python Slack bot from GitHub to Glitch

A quick guide on importing an open source Python project to Glitch.


Twitter library that choreographs the online behavior of fictional characters.


Create segmentation-based image filter ("patchwork" effect).


Pick a random image and tweet it.


Create Markov chain/ebooks accounts on Twitter.


Collection of tools/mini-bots that do various language-related things.


Generate Markov chains and post to an _ebooks account on Twitter using Heroku.


Deep learning-based "Imposter Twitter Chatbot".


Python wrapper for the Twitter API.


"Twitter for Python!"

Polyglot Twitter Bot

Six-part series on making Twitter bots with node.js, Python, Purescript and Amazon AWS.

How to Build a Law Bot

With Jupyter Notebooks.

Tutorial on Python Twitter Bots

Tutorial in Jupyter Notebooks.

Python + BeautifulSoup + Twitter + Raspberry Pi

Make a Twitter bot with Python, BeautifulSoup, and a Raspberry Pi.

How to build a nonsensical Twitterbot on the Raspberry Pi

This guide shows you how to set-up a Twitterbot in a similar vein to Horse_ebooks.

Raspberry Pi Twitterbot

Tutorial with a Raspberry Pi and Python.

Coding a simple Twitter bot

Tutorial from the creator of the @futuremash Markov chain bot.

How to Code a Simple Twitter Bot for Complete Beginners

Twitter bot tutorial with Python and Heroku.

Five Steps To Build Your Own Random Non-Sequitur Twitter Bot

Create and host your Twitter bot on Heroku.

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