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How to create a Twitter bot

Second of a two-part series on Twitter bots, discusses how to create them.


I'm an algorithm, making ice cream every day!


Symmetric curves from complex Fourier series.


That's not my bot…!


Announcing Harper Lee's new novel


TMBG lyrics bot.


Tweet, and get procedurally generated art.


I make little word-find puzzles for you to solve.


Word cloud from tweets.


Relatable queer content™.


Potential LCD Soundsystem tribute band names.


Wörter, die so oder ähnlich wahrscheinlich vor kurzem in der BILD-Zeitung standen.


One small step for random words from the dictionary, one giant leap for random words from the dictionary-kind.


Bits of Pluto.


Deep space on your timeline, once in a while.


An automated subreddit with posts created using Markov chains.


An automated subreddit with posts created using markov chains.


Nope, it's just you.


Movies of neon words can be summoned via hashtag.


A meme bot for Slack.


The latest data from the ESA Rosetta Mission spacecraft.


A bot that tweets Proto-Indo-European roots and modern-language descendants.


Bot that tweets discarded (and fake, obvs) drafts of Two Princes by the Spin Doctors.