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Aircraft flying in circles around North Bay.

Free PSN/Xbox Games

Listing free games from various gaming platforms.

Received, but not read

A bot that posts subject lines from my spam folder.

New on Botwiki

See what's new on Botwiki! Yes, this very site.

Bitcoin Pizza

The value of the 10,000 Bitcoin pizza.

Markov Bible verses

Verses from the Markov edition of The Holy Bible.

IMDb trivia bot

Posting random trivia from the IMDb Top 250 movies.

Unicode tweets

Random Unicode character tweets.

Holidays bot

Tweeting random holidays from today around the world, with pictures from Google Image Search.

Daylight Savings bot

Reminders and information about Daylight Saving Time changes.


That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's... GROUNDHOG DAY!


What if we could create an API that served random genres?


A framework agnostic PHP library for building chat bots.


A french Twitter bot that sends random hugs.


French museums Twitter bot


A Manchester Orchestra lyrics Twitter bot.


Should you THIS or should you THAT?


Cada palabra del diccionario español.


A bot that unrolls Twitter threads for you.


A bot for posting webcam (or any other) images to a Twitter feed at regular intervals.


A Biffy Clyro lyrics Twitter bot.


Une définition, plusieurs propositions, à vous de deviner de quel mot il s'agit !

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