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Tweets whenever alternate side parking rules are suspended in NYC.

Piet Botdrian

Little Mondrian GIFs.

Dungeon Deployer

A bot that makes dungeon crawlers.


A bot that practices proof by intimidation.

What Brexit is

Brexit is 🤬


That! Doesn't! Work!

Cross-serial dependencies

Your regular reminder that natural language isn't context-free.

Homage to Sol LeWitt

A bot that creates conceptual art according to Sol LeWitt's ideas.


Generative Piet Mondrian.

Deltron F

Gradients for everyone 🌈


Sunset landscape generator.


Quilt patterns made by a robot.


Randomly generated pinball fields.


Public comments for the proposal NPS-2018-0007-0001.

what’s the time, mr wolf?

Tells the time. Usually.


Coloring pictures from the Internet Archive!

ARP Observatory

Studying audio signals from outside the solar system.

angry scribbles

Angry scribbles. Somewhat therapeutic?


The Pay Gap Bot vs the patriarchy.

Hamiltonian paths

Hamiltonian path maze GIFs.


Winamp skins in you Twitter feed.


Random numbers as a service.


A bot that tweets out emoji gender reveal announcements.


Have you read your SICP today?