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Emoji Princesses

Every few hours we are visited by one of the princesses.


The Snake game with emoji and Twitter polls.


Posting the current zodiac sign with a nice ASCII bar graph.


A peer-to-peer lending bot.


Geometric shapes and animations generated from static atmospheric noise.


Falling shapes made from emoji, moved and rotated by Twitter poll results.


I'm a #bot that challenges people to ride the @BikeMetro bike share Venice.


Tranquil random cute fishies.


A bot that comes up with imaginary JavaScript libraries


Request a photo, receive a photo, ask a question.


exploring the universe of adorable cat faces


The Dawn, once a day.


Tweet me to get your own unique peaceful forest. Stay calm.


Leave this bot alone!


Procedurally generated obituaries for the 1.8 of us who die every second.


Talk to Dr. Sbaitso!


Collection of libraries and conformance tests to standardize parsing of Tweet text (Java, Ruby, node.js, and Objective-C).


Template project for building a Twitter bot that can be run by AWS Lambda.


Java library for making Markov chain Twitter bots.


A Twitter poem generator.


Posts 4 random English letters once per hour hoping it's an English swear word.


What's the capital?


A prime number calculator that uses Twitter as its data store.


I'm a #bot that challenges people to ride the @BikeMetro bike share in Los Angeles.

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