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Twitter shutting down free access to their API on February 9

I keep saying it's an end of an era quite often these days.

What kind of bots are posting in the fediverse?

Exploring the bots people make and follow in the fediverse.

Poll: Sharing your bot’s source code

Sharing is caring, and many botmakers do care.

Trump bots: Where are they now?

No, not that kind of bots.

2015-2018: The Golden Age of botmaking

Reminiscing and looking ahead.

Bot tributes

Art, games, and other creative projects inspired by bots.

Behind @botwikidotorg’s profile image

How the @botwikidotorg profile image is made.

Most popular Twitter bots

Which Twitter bots have the most followers? And does it matter?

What is a bot?

So, what is a bot?