Twitter bots

Twitter can be used as a device-independent, global command line that sits on top of a large user-base.

Twitter Fan Wiki, January 2008

Despite the rules concerning the Twitter API use having gotten stricter throughout the years, Twitter remains a popular network for bot makers and enthusiasts, which can be easily proved by the variety of bots operating on it:

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Image Twitter bots

Twitter bots posting images.

GIF Twitter bots

Twitter bots posting animated GIFs.

Emoji ✨ Twitter bots


Game Twitter bots

These Twitter bots are all fun and games.

Poetry Twitter bots

Twitter bots that write and collect poetry.

Generative Twitter bots

Twitter bots that make things.

Non-English Twitter bots

Est-ce que votre Twitter bot parle français?

IoT Twitter bots

“Internet of things” Twitter bots, practically robots!

Open source Twitter bots

Twitter bots you can use to make more Twitter bots.

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Lists maintained by the Botwiki team

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Non-English bots

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How do folks get into creative botmaking?

Sharing the stories of our early botmaking days.

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Exploring the bots people make and follow in the fediverse.

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