@thesefutures is a collaboration between Ranjit Bhatnagar and the editors of Motherboard.

@TheseFutures does three things: First, and probably most importantly, it scans the twittersphere for thoughtful speculative tweets, and retweets them. So far, it’s finding about 10-20 strong tweets that describe the future, one way or another, each day. These tweets include wild imaginations like “In the future, we will all be gelatinous” that are weird and compelling enough to impress world-weary speculative fiction editors, and the more personal, “In 20 years, I hope I…” sort of musings.

Second, we built a database of predictions from famous speculators, from Nostradamus to Ben Franklin to David Byrne, and set the Twitter bot to share a few each day. The results range from quite practical to incomprehensibly weird, and offer a sample of some of history’s notable future-dreams.

Finally, the bot will share tweets it assembles at random from word banks of the most common future-related terms, in a form that mimics common predictions. Think [corporation x] will drive [animal y] extinct, or [government agency z] will control the [entity xy], but a little more complex and compelling.

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