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@thatsnotmybot is an open source Twitter bot created by Will Thompson.

That’s Not My Bot… is inspired by the series of books for young children by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells. The books have 8 spreads, in this format (from “That’s Not My Tractor…”):

That’s not my tractor. Its engine is too bumpy.

That’s not my tractor. Its trailer is too rough.

[more pages]

That’s my tractor! Its headlamps are so shiny.

Each page has a cartoon of a different tractor, with a textured area representing the adjective: corrugated foil for “bumpy”, rough foil for “rough”, velcro for “scratchy”, and so on.

The bot has a simple grammar for generating sentences like this, and fixes the first object (eg “tractor”) for 1 or more negatives before generating a positive sentence, and gradually posts them as threaded tweets.

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