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Adds masks and hats to faces.


Collaboratively solve mazes on Twitter.


MIDI files from your tweets.


Play MineSweeper on Twitter.


Life is not a struggle. It's a wiggle.


Tweet an emoji, receive a related image from NYPL collections.


Your daily engagement with an ISO standard!


Tweets by a cute little chick.


I'll send you a thing if you ask me politely.


Turn your tweets into clothing.


Send me an image and I'll use it to create a unique plaid.


A twitter-based port of Lights Out.


QR code bot.


A quote bot.


Talk to Dr. Sbaitso!


Follow me and I will add you to a list that i will check twice!


A game of chance.


Procedurally generated plans to conquer the Earth!


Solve the riddle!


Your personal robot hypeman.


I'm an algorithm, making ice cream every day!


im @thricedotted's twittercat ok


Tweet me a pic and caption I will reply with your pic printed on dot matrix receipt.


A really rude conversation bot.

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