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The final adventure.


A bot that makes and watches clouds.


Computer generated compositions.




Retro video game drug warnings.


Sunrise and sunset generator.


Tweet-sized crosswords once a day.


I'm a Utah teapot ras-ter-rized, with a random model matrix applied.


Travelling to every named place on the moon.


Generates a random wizard every 3 hours.


"Generating cards for a mysterious card game."


Algorithms, bots, and art.


Exploration of cellular automata, lo-fi colour, and symmetry.


Procedurally generated photos from that one party.


Procedurally generated pollinators.


Blood of the Mage.


A bot that makes art.


Revealing the hidden beauty of the clitoris.


I'm trying to find colors that go well together.


Colors and...colors and...colors and...colors.


Constellations from other skies.


Crystal thingy bot.


Daily space invaders!


Tweets a SET board, once per day.

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