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Tweets poetry based on the writings of Haruki Murakami.


Tweets that fit the haiku structure.


Tweeting a mix of hip hop and classic literature.


Respond to one of the tweets tagged #love.


Word as color.


I just like the sound of it.


"I got a head with wings"


History says hi.


Animated GIFs from the Himawari satellite.


Hacker News comments link bot.


Every day IS a holiday.


Learning how to butt from wikiHow.


A random recipe with random substitutions.


Quotes and weather.


A train going through the mountains of Norway.


Slaps your sunburn ๐ŸŒž Hard ๐Ÿ˜ณ


"Twittered every word in the English language."


Nederlandstalige kloon van @everyword


Parodies of I โค NY for cities around the world.


Send me 2 images & I'll blend them.


Send me images to blur/pixelate.


A bot that applies an effect inspired by geometric shear mapping.


I redact, shred, and reassemble images you send me.


Random nuggets of wisdom from Project Gutenberg in so many words

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