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Interstellar Planetary Survey

Randomly generated planets.


More emoji, when you need them!


A series of randomly-generated arrangements of cubes.


It's BOT LIFE magazine!


Every constellation that ever was or ever will be.

Get Equipped With



A bot that has bones and attempts to make skeletons.




Join us and paint some happy trees!


Vaguely reassuring state machines.


A robot painter, very Pollock-like.

The Lesser Bot of Solomon

Endless pages from a text in the style of Ars Goetia and the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.


Automated art making for the 22nd century.


New delicious Fanta flavors!


From the depths of time and space come a whole bunch of randomized wizards.


Islands in the middle of a sea.


Your next fashion statement.


A bot that creates colorized Abelian Sandpile art.


Bringing you infographics about what states like!


Sweet knuckle tats.


Generates beautiful triangle background images


Bot inspired by Mary Blair's Small World art.


A painting bot.


Cat friends for you.

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