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Mat’s Birds

New and/or infrequently detected birds, as heard by my BirdNET-pi installation.


Live information from the Gatehouse weather station in Tarset, Northumberland UK


Notifications about earthquakes within Romania.


Views from around Lake Michigan.

Score My Wordle

I'll give your Wordle solution a score!


Tooting the current Phase of the Moon.


Encountering pixel planets.

Duck hunter

The classic duck hunting game.

Daily Emoji Special Exhibition

Daily exhibitions with emoji and ASCII.


Randomly-generated striped wallpapers.


Randomly-generated gradient wallpapers.

Warblington Level Crossing

Keeping track of the Warblington Level Crossing barriers.

WARN Act (California)

Notices from companies before they lay off their workers in California.

Toot Your Own Adventure

Together, we’ll craft amazing stories.

Bundestag First Said

Bot, der neue Wörter aus Debatten postet.


Howdy. I'm the sheriff of emoji!

Lizzie’s PhD Thesis

Keeping track of how far Lizzie got.

Viewpoint House

A Home Assistant-powered house!

Closer to the Moon

Putting historical events into perspective.

Pokédex :verified:

The Pokédex is an invaluable tool to Trainers in the #Pokemon world.

little epitaphs

Examine headstones with me!

Block Castles

Generative castles.


Oblique strategy cards for academia.

Dead-Ball Era Bot

Baseball cards from more than 100 years ago.

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