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Screenshots of old websites in old browsers.


Presenting awards to Tweeters that go above and beyond.


What's the capital?


What should I knit?


Why be one way when you can be another?


Find Wikipedia photo opportunities near you.


I make little word-find puzzles for you to solve.


Word cloud from tweets.


Because all selfies are beautiful.


Relatable queer contentβ„’.


A quilt bot.


I'm a cloud IRL.


Birds, on wires.


Broadcasting live from covert surveillance cameras, one midnight observation at a time.


Christmas countdown bot.


Pictures -> emojis.


Haiku generator.


Coded messages and secret transmissions.


A Twitter bot that tweets posi thoughts.


A prime number calculator that uses Twitter as its data store.


Potential LCD Soundsystem tribute band names.


⩍†⩍ † ⩍⩍⩍† ⩍ ⩍⩍


Names for new design agencies.

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